Friday, December 17, 2010

Rainy Weekend in Burbank, CA

Now I know we don't have much to complain about weather wise here in Southern California but it does affect our work plans so here is my bit. Due to the rain (and fact that the home we were supposed to have an open house sold) Jill and I will not be hosting an open house this weekend. We will however but showing homes to a few clients so our weekend is not a total loss. For those interested - we do bring umbrellas and warm drinks so as to make the experience enjoyable. OK - see you out and about! Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So here we are in the thick of the holiday season and Jill and I have one message to prospective home buyers: Holidays are a great time to buy a new home - especially for those out there who have been having problems getting offers accepted due to competition! Decreased holiday competition has been a God send to many of our FHA buyers in the past who had been losing out to the investors so if you have been experiencing this problem... now is the time to act!

Holidays can also benefit  those buyers looking for a great deal since many sellers would still like to sell before the New Year. Many are willing to cut their asking price in order to accomplish this! For our part, Jill and I will be at the ready for anyone out there with the desire. Just let us know. Have a great day folks!