Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday: To Attend/Host an Open House or Not...

Here we are only six days from what many football fans would consider the biggest sporting event of the year - the SUPER BOWL! For those of you out there currently searching for a home - it may have been pretty tough venturing out during the regular NFL season and it got even tougher once the playoffs began. Now comes the Super Bowl - what is one to do? It really depends on your circumstances.

Some of you may have spouses like mine where stopping a home search in order to watch football would not even be a consideration. In that case, I suggest sucking it up and just plan on heading out as early as possible so as to get back home in time for kickoff. Of course this plan might blow up if you find the home of your dreams so better bring a phone with Internet access or a radio to check scores while writing your offer just in case.

Jill and I always preach trying to get a leg up on the competition any way possible. That means taking advantage of reduced competition on holidays and unofficial holidays. For some buyers - this may be your best opportunity to get your offer in and accepted fast. And some sellers may finally be able to get notice by being one of the only open houses scheduled in your area on that day.

So make your plans and good luck to all on your home search/listings, and also to your favorite team playing Sunday. We've decided to host an open house this week but are still figuring out which will work best. Check back with our website later in the week to find out where. Have a great week folks!