Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Prices are High So Agents Are Going All Out for Their Clients - Right?

I'm regularly told real estate agents are all the same. We essentially offer the same services,  give the same marketing, and possess the same skills.  With that in mind, we should safely assume all agents are going all out for their clients with prices being so high - correct?  To check I scanned the Realtor MLS today to see how agents are representing their clients and found these fine examples of picture marketing to prove we are indeed not all the same.   

Note: These are real pictures currently on the MLS.  

Picture #1 = Lighting helps show a room off!  So what color are the walls?

Picture #2: For buyers who value extra counter space. 

 Picture #3: I really love the... sink?
 Picture #4:  I think this is the home we all avoided walking by as kids?

Picture #5 = My Favorite!  Where are the twins? At least there is light at the end.

Conclusion: If you want to show your home at its best and attract the most buyers, ask agents to see past examples of their marketing before signing the contract.  I'm happy to supply all the pictures and video you want.  Call me today for more information (818)516-7387.  :)


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