Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want Clients Like These...

Jill and I hosted a very successful Open House this past Sunday at 747 Catalina Street in Burbank, CA and would like to thank everyone who attended. It was great meeting you all! One thing did bother me though - the recurring statement I kept hearing from visitors stating how their REALTOR had sent them to the Open House to preview the place out on their own. It simply amazes me whenever people decide to work with REALTORS who won't even show them properties - especially in this day and age where many are discovering homes themselves with the help of the Internet! That's the best deal any REALTOR can imagine - a client who not only finds his own home, but previews it before deciding to write! Sign me up... I'll take as many as I can get! Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common. It is something Jill and I do not understand. We pride ourselves in not only helping our clients find homes but also preview and taking them ourselves. It is a hands on approach to real estate.

Oh I hear the arguments from REALTORS all the time about how they are focusing on getting more leads - as if that will excuse their laziness. Finding leads is indeed important, but what type of service are you giving to those leads in return if you can't even be bothered to show the home and point out the positive and negative features? Also, I just don't think these potential home owners are thinking far enough ahead to see how this can negatively affect their chance of getting a home. Many deals are timing based - that is, first come is first served. One can realistically lose out on a dream home by simply being a few minutes late to the party! Those who have REALTORS present may choose to quickly write offers after seeing their dream home and even get into escrow that night. Conversely, some people lose out being slowed down trying to track down their REALTOR just to write their offer.

Ultimately it comes down to one's personal comfort level. For my money - I would want to be represented by someone who focuses on me and not the next deal. Jill and I are here if you need... and we show homes when YOU are ready to look. Give us a call and see the difference.