Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Best Day Ever...

Sometimes a little wishful thinking goes a long way. Today started as any other, wake up, a shower, some breakfast, and then off to the office. As I sat at my desk contemplating my day, a thought came to me. You know how sometimes one will have what they describe as the worst day ever. You know - wake up too tired to function... burn your breakfast, kids won't respond - slowing you down to the point you will be late for work. Once you leave the house you find all the traffic lights are working against you. You try to counteract the events by speeding up but - you get pulled over and receive a ticket. All this is before you even get to work! Well, my thought was then if all this bad can happen - why not the opposite?

With this thought in mind, I announced to anyone with enough coffee in their system within ear shot that I was declaring today, Tuesday 07/20/2010, the best day ever! Only great things were to happen to all in the office on this day! So how is it working so far? Well, I'm proud to say that the best day ever has already provided big rewards to me and at least one of my coworkers! Within a few minutes of my declaration I had received a shiny new quarter, and one of my coworkers received an invite to a formula one car race in September - Italian Grand Prix . Now I know what you are thinking but a quarter is a good start. I expect bigger and better as the day moves along!

Have a great day - perhaps your best day ever? Yes, none of this post was real estate related... or was it?