Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Ahead... Not Thanks, I'm Too Tired!

If you enjoy daylight savings in the same capacity as me, you are dreading the upcoming loss of an hour of precious, precious sleep this Sunday as we spring forward one hour. Now I'll admit that I'm a big fan of the fall version of this tradition but its spring counterpart - not so much! Personal agony aside, this is your friendly REALTOR reminder to move your clocks one hour ahead to avoid showing up early for work come Monday! And we know no-one wants that!

It's also recommended to change the batteries on your smoke detector at this time. It also wouldn't hurt to take a vacuum and do a once over the smoke detector to make sure it's in peak operational shape. If your smoke detector is over 10 years old - it may be a good time to replace it. Now, if you are really getting into this - run a fire drill with the family to refresh memories or institute a new emergency plan. Well, that's all I got. Take care and get some extra sleep Saturday night if possible! :)