Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Thinking About Hiring A Discount Agent To Sell Your Home?

Our area housing market has been shifting lately making it tougher to sell homes now than in the past. Your best chance to sell your home for the most money now is by hiring an expert partner to help properly get your home ready for sale!  Discount agents will only offer reduced rates and will not give you the guidance you need in today's market. You will be stuck doing all your own home showings and open houses. Are you confident in you ability to negotiate with every buyer/agent who walks in your door?  Will you be offended when a visitor says something inappropriate about your home that you do not appreciate?  If any of this sounds unappealing, then a discount brokerage is probably not for you. I would be happy to guide you, be your buffer against the buying side, protect you throughout the transaction, and get you the most money from any sale!
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